Jack's Diary

I liked doing all the things he did with me and Cameron and he had a nice little rest at my house. He enjoyed his rest. The most fun things he did were playing with the dinosaur robot and the jigsaws.

Whilst we went to visit uncle Jim, Jack marched around the house with dinosaur, sheepy and fluff. If anyone tried to get in he would hit them on the head.

Jack really enjoyed his visit to my house. He was very busy and helped all the time.

Love from Emma

PS it is very cold here

2010-01-03: Jack watches The Gruffalo with Cameron

Cameron sat with Jack. I was trying to get in the picture but it was too late. I was sorry I wasn't in the picture.

2010-01-03: Jigsaw

Jack helped with the jigsaw and it was very, very good because Cameron helped aswell (and I helped).

2010-01-03: Gears

Helping with the gears.

2010-01-02: Snowman

Jack helped built a snowman and it was very nice. He also had a cup of hot chocolate.

2009-12-30: Dressing up with Robyn

2009-12-28: Mince pies

Jack helped make mince pies and Jack ate all my mince pie.

2009-12-28: Train

Jack helped build the train track and he enjoyed it.

2009-12-27: Taking Christmas tree down

Jack helped take the lights off.

2009-12-25: Piggybank

Jack helped paint my piggy bank.

2009-12-25: Dino Robot

Jack fought off the Dino Robot.

2009-12-24: Santa

We got ready for Santa. Jack helped hold the carrot.

2009-12-24: Together

Me and Jack in Mummy's office.

2009-12-24: Chess

Jack helped play chess and I was losing.

2009-12-24: Snowmen

Jack helped make some snowmen. They had hats, eyes, noses and arms. Jack sat on the top.

2009-12-23: Shopping

Jack helped with Tescos.

2009-12-22: Game with Gordon and Eileen

Jack helped Emma play "Walk the Plank" with Gordon and Eileen from next door.

2009-12-22: Dice

Jack watched as Emma got carried away writing a dice computer program.

2009-12-22: Sledging

Jack went on the sledge with me and Grace.

2009-12-22: Breakfast

Jack ate some of my breakfast. He enjoyed my Krispies.

2009-12-21: Bedtime

Jack slept with me. Cameron invaded my bed, and he was very silly in the other photographs.

2009-12-20: Poems

Jack was reading Christmas poems before bedtime.

2009-12-19: Bubwith Panto

Jack enjoyed it.

Jack won some chocolates in the raffle.

2009-12-19: Cameron's Birthday Party

Jack has some of Cameron's birthday cake. Cameron is Emma's brother and he likes birthday cake and playing with Emma. He also likes learning new things from her.

2009-12-19: Collecting Holly

He watched Daddy cutting holly.

2009-12-19: Walk the plank

Playing walk the plank with cousin Chantelle, Nan and Grandad.

2009-12-18: Bath

2009-12-18: Swimming

Jack was paying for parking.

Jack was not allowed to take pictures in the swimming pool.